I believe in remembrance

March 23, 2011

A while back I scanned a book that I made back in 1994. I was living in Boston at the time, and happened across several old books that had been discarded. Actually, it looked as if someone had died, and their apartment had been cleaned out.

Included in the pile were some old medical books, some children’s books in Russian, and central to the creation of this work, some notebooks used for practicing written English.

There were many interesting phrases. Why, for example, would one practice writing “to take a walk down quicksand?” It was an evocative image.

I began to tear phrases out of the notebooks and arranged them on a table top into a collaged narrative. The process took a few days as I shuffled the fragments around, adding new bits here, taking out bits there. I then began to collect images from the other books to create illustrations of the constructed tale, and arranged the pieces into pages.

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